Acid and alkaline webinar


Date: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Time: 4pm to 5pm EST

Price: $10 (min) — $45 (recommended)

Understanding Acid and Akaline

In this life-saving webinar you will learn how to strengthen your health and immunity without vaccines or medications. Viruses and cancer cells cannot survive or thrive in an alkaline environment. This webinar will provide practical and detailed information on how to create and maintain a healthy alkaline condition. This webinar is a video recording from the live discussion about understanding acid & alkaline & includes a handout that tackles the following topics:

  • Introduction to acid and alkaline
  • Acid and alkaline in our body
  • Signs of an acidic condition
  • Signs of a balanced, mildly alkaline condition
  • Standard acid and alkaline classification
  • Digestion and acid and alkaline balance
  • Principles of acid and alkaline
  • How to create and maintain an alkaline balance
  • Natural alkalizing foods
  • Macrobiotic recipes

Additionally, the course includes online access to the following videos:

  • Webinar recording available after event
  • Acid, Alkaline and Blood Quality
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