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“I just watched two of the videos & I’m happy to report that the experience was wonderful! I felt like I was right there at SHI! This is a great opportunity for anyone who lives at a distance or can’t take time off work to travel to PA.”


“I am by no means a macro master, but I can tell it’s working every time I see an old friend I haven’t seen for a while. They all say the same thing – ‘Keep doing what you’re doing. You look great!’ I plan to, and I owe all of that to Denny, Susan and everyone at SHI!”

“What an amazing, enlightening and empowering experience! I didn’t want it to end. The more I learned from Denny and Susan, the more I wanted to learn. I cannot express just how grateful I am that you created this program. I have been plagued with disease and discomfort for the past 18 years and for the first time in my life I truly believe I can create my own health.”

“We are so blessed to have Denny and Susan here in Philadelphia. I have personally witnessed people of all ages and parts of the world visit SHI, and greatly improve their conditions.”

“I appreciate the role you play in reducing our dependence on factory farms and meat eating, thereby reducing cruelty to animals!”

In 2003, I came to SHI for an Intensive seminar. I was so enamored with the philosophy that I decided to make this my new way of life! I went on to earn my certification in macrobiotic cooking and teaching in 2006 through the “Master Your Health” program (then known as the CCP).

Macrobiotics gave me my life back after I became literally crippled with lymphedema. I was living in pain and immobility, and three days after starting macrobiotics, I was back in Tae Kwon Do class and was able to complete my Black Belt. Unexpected side effects within the first few months were amazing sleep, more youthful skin & appearance, and greatly increased mental clarity.”

“Since following Denny’s advice, along with the lessons learned in Susan’s cooking classes, I feel stronger, healthier and very inspired to take on a lifestyle I only dreamed about.”

“Denny’s food-related discussions radicalized me. I started eating with the seasons and became fascinated with the philosophy of the order of the universe. Cooking became fun again, too! New recipes and ideas from Susan and the cook books all inspired me.”

“If you study at SHI, you’ll get not just cooking and food advice, but when to eat, how to eat, how to diagnose your own health and many creative suggestions for gentle exercise and private health self-maintenance.”

“This was a fabulous weekend with great food (thanks Susan), great information (thanks Denny) and great care (thanks Stephen)!”

“Studying macrobiotics at SHI is a life-altering experience. If you are looking for peace within, want to feel calm, happy, eat 3 of the most delicious meals you’ll ever want to eat for an entire weekend and not have to make it yourself BUT will learn HOW to make it for yourself, run to sign up now! It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!”

“I am so thankful I’ve been able to take control of my health and life direction through the study and practice of macrobiotics. It has been remarkably empowering for me! I love learning, exploring, cooking, and applying the macrobiotic philosophy to all areas of my life.”

“The macrobiotic approach to life has not only improved my overall health, but has helped me to stay focused, calm, and happy in the high-energy environment of New York City. “

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with care and patience. Much love.”

“This lifestyle is essential for the well-being of our planet and I am truly grateful to all of you for bringing this to the public so beautifully!”

“The lectures, cooking demonstrations and classes showed me a new way of eating that is delicious, nutritious and satisfying. At the end of the Intensive course I felt so much better, lighter and energetic for the first time in a long time.”

“Thank you for all your time and wonderful information. This course was transformative.”

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