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Welcome to SHI Macrobiotics

Whether you have been practicing a macrobiotic diet for decades, or are hearing about macrobiotics for the first time, we are glad you found us! Our goal as a macrobiotic institute is to meet you where you are in your own personal health education.  

What is macrobiotics? Macrobiotics is a system of holistic principles and dynamic practices that guides choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle for physical, emotional, mental, social, and environmental health.

Ready to recover your health or focus on prevention through macrobiotics?

We’re here to help with your journey!

About Us

We are a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to helping you improve your health using macrobiotics for practical dietary & lifestyle changes.

Our Approach

3 Reasons to Learn with SHI Macrobiotics

About 95% of people give up on a diet after just a few weeks. Why? Because majority of diets are based on short-term goals. To reach these goals means restricting foods and calorie causing you to feel hungry, depressed and negative. In addition, changing all habits and diet at once creates an overwhelming pressure. So failure makes you feel terrible about yourself. It should NOT be like this!

Positive Approach – Our approach to diet and lifestyle is building one healthy choice at a time and adding more whether a healthy practice or meal when ready. This is a more effective and sustainable approach. You should be celebrating your accomplishes even if it is cooking one healthy meal a week or making it a habit to walk after lunch. Feel happy and encouraged!

Easy to Follow –  SHI founders and macrobiotic experts, Denny and Susan Waxman, have adapted macrobiotics approach for modern lifestyles making it easier than ever to start a healthy diet and lifestyle today.

Simple Recommendations –  Our courses provide easy guidelines and principles on diet and lifestyle. Such as sit down while enjoying meals and creating meals around grains. These simple but powerful practices create long lasting health. We do not believe in complicated calorie counting, weighing food or keeping a food journal. Food should be enjoyed and satisfying.

Additionally, we frequently work with students who are interested in the following:

  • Overcoming personal or family health issues
  • Improving overall health and vitality
  • Understanding the principles of a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle
  • Learning advanced cooking techniques

Our Mission

It is important to us to be a trustworthy macrobiotic school that can get you the newest, most valuable information available for living the best life you can – much of which is created right here! Through courses, lectures, our blog articles, discussions, and live presentations, our goal is to consistently bring you an uninfluenced account of current and past health practices from the healthiest, longest standing civilizations to have lived.

We hope our message gets to you in the easiest possible ways and that we can become the place you turn to when you need facts that are not based on special interests or funding from mega corporations. Our success comes from students who take SHI courses and generous individual donors like you!

Courses We Offer

We are constantly creating and improving our macrobiotic courses to provide the highest quality education. We offer exciting introductory seminars, cooking classes, advanced certificates and training, and macrobiotic counseling. Our macrobiotics programs are designed for those looking to become familiar with macrobiotics for the first time, as well as; beginner and more advanced macrobiotic practitioners. These courses are crafted directly from leading global macrobiotic experts, Denny and Susan Waxman.

Please stay tuned as we begin to release our upcoming fully-redesigned and updated courses.

Nutritional Plans

Take a course and learn basic cooking techniques, custom meal planning, and making healthy meals from Susan Waxman, cooking instructor and macrobiotic chef.

Weight Loss

Macrobiotics is a plant-based diet with the practice of simple but powerful lifestyle habits. This combo will help bring your body to it’s natural, healthy weight.

Mental Peace

Adding daily healthy practices makes you feel calmer, less stressed, and energetic. This will not only improve your personal life but also work. Get more done!

Home Learning

Busy schedule? No problem. Our courses are published online to help save you time and allow you to go at your own pace. Get started today!

Natural Balance

Mindfulness and macrobiotics connect you to nature and it’s regular patterns. Take a 9 star ki seminar to increase consciousness of that relationship.


A macrobiotic, vegetarian, or vegan diet should include healthy exercise as well. Join us for a “do-in” session to keep your body active for optimal functioning.

You should also know…

Our mission as a macrobiotic center is to educate and empower you to create your own lasting health through diet and lifestyle practices. Our non-profit macrobiotics institution was founded and developed by leading macrobiotics counselor, Denny Waxman, and his wife Susan.

Every dollar that comes into SHI is a donation that helps to further the spread of plant-based diets and responsible lifestyles that promote a strong thirst for knowledge. Without your support, improving the lives of thousands of people each year would not be possible. Thank you!

Get in touch now

If you would like to know more about the macrobiotic diet or any of our seminars or course offerings please feel free to reach out. We hope to see you at one of our next events. Here’s to you taking the first step to living a more vibrant life!

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