Our Macrobiotic Programs

Macrobiotic practice is unique in plant-based approaches to diet  because it draws from traditional diets and lifestyles proven promote to health, vitality, and longevity. These cuisines are all nourishing, deeply satisfying, and strikingly alive. In essence, macrobiotics is a multi-cultural fusion of the unique health-supporting traditions and cuisines from around the world. Practicing macrobiotics will enhance any health-promoting endeavor a person may want to include in their life.

The Strengthening Health Institute, at the forefront of macrobiotics today, provides a unique approach that fits the needs of a modern society. Modern lifestyle requires some amount of convenience and flexibility to fully make adjustments and additions, as well as  integrate health-forming habits and lifestyles.

The Strengthening Health Institute (SHI) is a non-profit educational organization offering a variety of instructional macrobiotic programs centering on a plant-based diet and the SHI adaptation to Michio Kushi’s macrobiotic approach to lifestyle and health. We offer macrobiotic programs for students of all levels of experience. Learn more about the details of each course by clicking on the links below:

Each of our macrobiotic programs offer their own unique educational experiences and benefits, sure to move you in the direction of health. Please follow the links for full macrobiotics program details including topics, dates, and tuition.

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