What is Macrobiotic | Macrobiotics Definition

What is Macrobiotics

This is a follow up article on the macrobiotic definition posted by Denny Waxman. Below, we will detail the purpose and conversations behind what is a macrobiotic diet plan, why it was so important to create a universal understanding of macrobiotic practice and answer the question of what is macrobiotics for both those looking into it for the first time as well as those that have been incorporating macrobiotic meals into their lives for some time. So far, coming up with a practical definition of macrobiotics has been an exciting adventure and the following is a brief description of how it came to be.

What is a Macrobiotic Diet Plan & Lifestyle?

Earlier this Spring, during a conversation between Denny Waxman, the founder of the Strengthening Health Institute, and Norio Kushi, son of macrobiotic expert, Michio Kushi, on the meaning of macrobiotic. Norio expressed the importance of coming up with a macrobiotic definition for the world. George Ohsawa coined the word “macrobiotique” while he was living in France. Norio pointed out that the word in French has greater clarity because it automatically translates to “great life.” In English however, this macrobiotic meaning is not immediately apparent, which has in turn created a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Norio felt it was important to come up with a comprehensive macrobiotics definition, and the idea appealed to Denny as well. This conversation with Norio helped recall a previous attempt to align a definition of macrobiotics in 2007. The goal is to help people get healthy by answer one of the most common questions, “What is a Macrobiotic Diet Plan?”

Macrobiotics Definition – Consensus Approach

In April, Denny began working on writing a blog about the evolution of the meaning of macrobiotic practice from the current approach of Susan, Denny, and the Strengthening Health Institute. Discussions with Carl Ferré offered additional technical corrections and Denny decided a comprehensive macrobiotic definition with the tenets, principles, and shared commonalities was needed to help people properly define macrobiotic diet & lifestyle practices. Carl had a similar interest, and had previously published an article in 2014 in Macrobiotics Today, which he shared with the group. From that point, Denny submitted a rough draft to Carl asking for his comments, additions, and revisions. After several rounds, the team of macrobiotic experts had arrived at a suitable definition.

After that draft, which was published in Macrobiotics Today, we invited feedback and suggestions from other well-known macrobiotic experts. Simon Brown recently made additional suggestions and revisions for the definition. In addition, Simon suggested that the definition become a topic for the international teacher’s meeting in Berlin at the end of October. This is something we plan to do in order to build true consensus among the community to accurately represent the meaning of macrobiotic practice.

The Need for a Definition of Macrobiotics

Recently, there has never been a more broad openness to the connection and relationship between diet and health, food and the environment, and all of life. We have never been inundated with as many questions as we have over the last year or so; “What is the macrobiotic diet,” “What is the meaning of macrobiotics,” “What is the real macrobiotic definition” and “What is a macrobiotic diet plan?” seem like daily questions. The importance of these questions are two-fold.

First, macrobiotics has very important contributions to make to personal and planetary health for its practical dietary, activity, and lifestyle recommendations. Second, a comprehensive macrobiotics definition can be a powerful tool for unifying the international macrobiotic community. Since macrobiotics is about all of life, coming up with a definition that is clear and understandable for people unfamiliar to macrobiotic practice presents a challenge. Is this a challenge that the worldwide macrobiotic community can come together for to share with the rest of the world?

We believe new people are ready to learn about our way of life and we are excited to both share our perspectives and to continue this discussion with the rest of you!