Denny Waxman is a serious thinker and true visionary with a large world-view, working to promote personal and planetary health. He is the kind of inspirational leader of which the world is in short supply. He is rather uniquely poised to lead us through these troubled times. We can rediscover our common sense, intuition to live to our full potential and create a peaceful, joyous world.

-Stacey L. Cantor-Adkins, M.D.

Denny Waxman was born and bred in Philadelphia. It remains the place in which he chooses to live and work. When the average person thinks of Philadelphia, they may think of cheese steaks, cream cheese, Will Smith, and Rocky Balboa. Also, don’t forget Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and the modern epicenter of American macrobiotics.

Historically, Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of American democracy. As a result,it is the place where brilliant, idealistic, passionate, and politically sophisticated men gathered. Our founding fathers turned ideas, intuitions and dreams into reality for the new world they hoped to build. It should come as no surprise that, to this day, Philadelphia retains its place as an incubator for new ideas. It is also a place where intellectuals, artists, politicians, writers, chefs, musicians, and dreamers still gather. Furthermore, Denny Waxman is one of those dreamers.

Denny has been a macrobiotic counselor in Philadelphia since the 1970s. He is also one of the original founders of American Macrobiotics. His main focus was on adjusting the American food narrative from an animal and dairy diet to plant-based. He has developed a unique approach to macrobiotics over the course of his forty-year immersion. The principles and practices of the global macrobiotic community further outlined his philosophy, healing and diagnostics approach.

Many of us know of macrobiotics solely as the healing, disease curing diet that it is. However, macrobiotics is a far more interesting and complex entity. It is a potent way of life that engages body, mind and spirit. Denny Waxman teaches that health is a direction, not a fixed state of being. Spiritual health is embodied in the endless expression of gratitude for all of life.

It is this gratitude that propels us in the direction of mental, emotional and physical health. We come to understand that health naturally craves health as a result of this knowledge. Due to developing habits that foster healthier choices, choosing health becomes effortless and we gradually evolve into our best selves.

Denny founded the Strengthening Health Institute in 2002. The SHI is a not-for-profit school born of his desire to teach people how to create lasting health. Macrobiotics, most of all, represents an orderly approach to eating and living. SHI is the place to learn at your own pace to create the healthy habits that characterize this orderly approach. We have introduced a new, more open and flexible macrobiotics appropriate for today’s world.

Denny Waxman Professional Bio:

Denny Waxman founded Essene Market & Cafe, the first health-foods store in Philadelphia. In 1969, he began studying with Michio Kushi. In the early 80s, he gained international recognition by helping Dr. Anthony Sattilaro, a respected physician and CEO of Philadelphia’s Methodist Hospital recover from terminal prostate cancer. Dr. Sattilaro documented his recovery in “Recalled By Life,” published in 1982.

In the 1980s Denny earned directorship of the Kushi Institute and the Community Health Foundation in London. Also, he led the development of public and professional educational programs in macrobiotics and Oriental diagnosis.

He has appeared most recently on television programs including “The Incurables” and NBC. His first book published in 1997 was entitled “10 Steps To Strengthening Health,” with Ruth Ann Flynn. A 2002 publication of the immensely accessible “The Great Life Diet” was his next book. In addition, by January 2015, Denny and Susan Waxman released an updated and expanded edition titled “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet.”

In 1997, Denny Waxman founded The Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia. SHI is an independent, non-profit school that integrates his teaching with the work of other like-minded macrobiotic instructors.

Also, please visit his personal website at for more information on private consultations and his blog on health-related issues.