Macrobiotic Programs That Lead to Lasting Health

We meet you where you are by offering a range of courses from 1-day beginner seminars to advanced 12-month mentorships.
All Strengthening Health Institute programs are available online & in-person to help you stay healthy in today’s fast-paced world.

Do you have questions about our programs or want to get involved in our ever-growing macrobiotics community? Please reach out!

Get started on your health journey with this flexible approach to diet & lifestyle. SHI’s 1-day seminar gives students an introduction to healthier living in just one day through hands-on cooking, meditation, & more. No experience required!

Dive into an intermediate course with our comprehensive intro to the SHI approach to macrobiotic practice. Get in-tune with your own body and equip yourself with the knowledge to rejuvenate your health and effectively guide yourself to a happier life!

Requiring a basic understanding of macrobiotic philosophy, this program has a prerequisite of the SHI Intensive or other Kushi Institute training. Learn about the foundation of the unique Strengthening Health approach to a macrobiotic lifestyle today!

Take your personal health, lifestyle practices or career to the next level by becoming certified to guide the health of others. SHI is the global leader in macrobiotic education & helps you deliver solutions to common non-life threatening illnesses.

Our advanced mentorship program features one-of-a-kind education to guide your holistic career, counseling practice or community project. Work directly with world-renowned macrobiotics leaders with decades of experience.

The Benefits of Macrobiotics

No matter whether you are focused on preventative health or fighting current illnesses, a macrobiotic lifestyle can help.
After decades of self-discovery & education of others, we have seen the unbelievable results that a healthy diet & lifestyle can provide.


Macrobiotics is not a diet. Macrobiotics is an orderly approach to diet and lifestyle. Through principles of harmony, balance and change, we continually learn how to make healthier choices in our eating habits, diet, activity and lifestyle. We plan our meals around grains, vegetables, soups and a variety of other plant-based foods.

Macrobiotics is also based on the understanding that spiritual health, the development of endless appreciation for all of life, leads to mental, emotional and physical health. The healthy choices we each make on a daily basis also benefit society and the environment.

Macrobiotic School for Macrobiotic Education
  • Anti-Aging

    Experience the “fountain of youth” through a plant-based diet. Naturally achieve a healthy weight, experience a clear mind, even clearer skin and enjoy longevity.

  • Fertility & Children

    Restore or maintain your fertility and vitality. Learn about how Jennie used a macrobiotic-based plan to help her conceive and what she has to say about how SHI helped her.

  • Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

    Restore organ functions and normalize your blood sugar simply, naturally and effectively with a low-fat, grain and vegetable-based diet.

  • Cancer Prevention & Recovery

    Prevent common cancers and aid your recovery. Watch a video testimonial about how Vicki found success battling a brain tumor through macrobiotics below.

  • Heart Health & Happiness

    Strengthen your cardiovascular system and lead a productive, anxiety-free lifestyle.

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