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Macrobiotics Today Features SHI Director

The following was released by the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation in their magazine, Macrobiotics Today. It features the Strengthening Health Institute’s founder Denny Waxman and his open letter to President Trump as a plea to incorporate macrobiotic education into US domestic policy. For more Macrobiotics Today articles we have been featured in, please view or macrobiotics health blog.

Macrobiotics Today - SHI

Why Macrobiotics Today?

The GOMF magazine, macrobiotics Today, is a partner of the Strengthening Health Institute because of our mutual goal to promote the macrobiotic principles and lifestyle practices that can lead people to more healthy, vibrant lives. If you are also interested in developing a partnership, please contact us at (215) 238-9212.

We work diligently to provide insight on macrobiotic foods and how the teachings of Michio Kushi & George Ohsawa can be applied to modern practice. Our goal is to introduce this natural health approach to those that need it most. We do so through what one student called, the Best Macrobiotic Book, and through our many courses and seminars.

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