Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020 (Recording Available)

Time: 10am to 11am EST

Price: $10 (min) — $45 (recommended)

Anxiety & Depression Webinar with Denny & Susan Waxman

It’s estimated that one-third are either depressed or anxious as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fear of continued spread, social isolation, and financial loss has left so many with uncertainty. This webinar will discuss the biological and physical basis of both anxiety and depression and how to make diet and lifestyle adjustments that provide relief. In addition to just eating healthful foods, learn how activity is a great aid for your mental health. Healthy recipes and home remedies will be included.

Additionally, the course includes online access to the following videos:

  • Webinar recording available after event
  • Home Recipes: Joyful Juices by Susan Waxman
  • Approach to Depression & Anxiety with Warren Kramer – an excerpt from the SHI Advanced Macrobiotic Course
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