Date: Wednesday, May 8th

Time: 7 PM ET

Donation: $10 (min.)

Macrobiotic Practice: Is There Still Value?

Have you recently asked yourself, “Is there still a point to practicing macrobiotics?” Join us for a dynamic live Q&A session. Explore the relevance of macrobiotics today, discussing its benefits and skepticism in a supportive space for inquiry. Led by Susan Waxman, this session promises insightful dialogue on the enduring significance of macrobiotic practices in the modern world.


1.) Full recording of LIVE Q&A
We encourage as many people as possible to participate in this discussion, which is why we’ve implemented a sliding-scale fee starting at a minimum contribution of $10. However, individuals are welcome to contribute more if they’re able. This contribution not only covers attendance for this class but also supports the work of the SHI staff, so we deeply appreciate any generosity.

To use Zoom you will need:

  1. A smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  2. A video camera, either built in to your device or a separate webcam (most modern computers, smartphones and tablets have this built in). If you do NOT have a video camera, you can still listen to the webinar.
  3. A microphone, either built in to your device or in the webcam (most modern computers, smartphones and tablets have this built in), or a phone. If you do NOT have a microphone, you can still use the Zoom chat features to ask questions
  4. A broadband internet connection
  5. The Zoom client installed on your machine.
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