Price: varies based on class. Bundle price is $60.

Adjusting Your Diet: A Springtime Bundle

Let’s refresh your diet with our seasonal adjustment bundle, expertly crafted to elevate your well-being as temperatures rise. Dive into our springtime program to refine nutrient balancing, satisfy cravings, and savor vibrant flavors. With our seasoned instructor, Susan Waxman, leading the way, master meal creation for sustained energy in warmer months. Bid farewell to cravings and welcome renewed vitality as you effortlessly adapt to seasonal changes. Join us to unlock secrets to a nourished, energized lifestyle year-round.”

Class #1 – “Adjusting Your Diet: Why & When?” (Lecture)

Date: Monday, May 13th @ 7 PM ET

Uncover the secrets of optimal health in this class! Learn the essence of macrobiotics: balancing with the environment and your body’s needs. Gain the tools to make informed dietary adjustments, timed perfectly for your well-being. Join us and discover the path to holistic wellness.

Price: $20

Class #2 – “It’s Warm Out: What Do I Eat?” (LIVE Lecture + Pre-Recorded Juice Class*)

Date: Wednesday, May 29th @ 6:30 PM ET

Dive into the world of seasonal adjustments for warmer weather, discovering delicious and nourishing options perfectly suited to the sunny days ahead. From refreshing salads to light and flavorful dishes, learn how to fuel your body while keeping cool and energized during the heat. Plus, as an added bonus, unlock the secrets of vibrant juices with our complimentary juice class included with your enrollment. Join us and embark on a journey to culinary delight and summer vitality. *The pre-recorded class will be available at the time of the LIVE lecture

Price: $35

Class #3 – “Adjusting Your Diet: Understanding Cravings” (Lecture)

Date: Wednesday, June 5th @ 6:30 PM ET

Delve into the intriguing world of cravings in this insightful class. Learn to decode common cravings and discover wholesome ways to satisfy them without compromising your well-being. With expert guidance, unlock the secrets to nurturing both body and soul. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and culinary exploration.

Price: $20


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