“Here at SHI, we teach health as a direction, not a fixed state.”

-Denny Waxman

“Macrobiotics is the most well thought out plant-based diet.”

-Susan Waxman

Location and Hours

Our office is located at 1940 S. 10th St., Philadelphia, PA 19148.

Our normal office hours are 1:30 – 6 PM Monday thru Friday.

The Strengthening Health Institute (SHI) provides clear dietary and lifestyle practice information essential for personal and planetary health.  This knowledge is shared at SHI through  educational macrobiotic programs, macrobiotic counseling, macrobiotic books and connecting similar people. We are leading the way in on-site macrobiotic education in Philadelphia AND online macrobiotic education worldwide.

More About SHI

There are enormous resources spent on health care each year, yet the overall health of humanity is declining. All the while, the awareness of the connection between diet and health is spreading. As a result, this increased awareness results in everyone understanding they have the ability to create their own health. After many years studying and then running the Kushi Institute, Denny decided it was time to update his perspective on an inclusive macrobiotic philosophy. Now, the Strengthening Health Institute allows people to learn that exact approach.

The SHI Mission

The SHI mission is to educate and empower individuals to create their own lasting health through diet and lifestyle practices.

SHI’s faculty includes Denny and Susan Waxman, who have been teaching, counseling and living macrobiotic lifestyles for many decades.  Since the 1960’s, they have used their knowledge and expertise to educate and help thousands across the globe. Consequently, that made healthy, happy lives and/or recovery from a variety of health problems possible.

The Waxmans have many different experiences throughout their years and have worked with everyone. Most noteworthy are the children, senior citizens, and students from all walks of life they could help. The celebrities we have worked with often get most of the attention. But most of all, SHI focuses on doing everything we can to improve the health of all people and the planet.

So, please contact us any time to further discuss how we can help you or a loved one to live a higher quality life!