Advanced 9 Star Ki Training Course

Advanced 9 Star Ki Training Course
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This course is designed for those that are interested in learning about 9 Star Ki. It is the popular Eastern system of astrology. It is also often used in a complimentary way with Feng Shui. We will delve deeply into 6 separate lessons. They consist of 466 minutes of the following video training:

  • The Nature of the 9 Energies
  • Your Control Number
  • Your Tendency Number
  • Personal Insights for Relationships
  • Yearly Predictions
  • Interpretations

We have designed the course for those that already have a basic understanding of macrobiotics. In certain cases, it may be possible to take this course without taking the Master Your Health certificate program. However, advanced 9 Star Ki is most valuable to those with an already deep understanding of macrobiotic practice.

The basics of 9 Star Ki should first of all include an understanding of the nine year and nine month cycles of Ki/Qi on Earth. These are based on seasonal planetary cycles that cause mental and physical effects on individual life experiences. There are 9 stars that are represented by numbers for these cycles and is the reason for the name. A person’s birth date determines these numbers.

The 2 primary numbers are the Honmei star and the Getsumei star. First of all, the Honmei star (principal) is based on the year of birth of a person. It is used to determine the person’s adulthood and most mature spirit type. The Getsumei star (character) the month number and is used to determine the childhood and physical connection to Earth through their physical features. A third number is used by some to calculate the person’s outward behavior and impression to others.

9-Ki becomes more complicated as you look at the characteristics of the 5 elements and their compatibility. Each number on the Later Heaven Bagua pattern is a variation of an element. Also, the Five Element cycles determine compatibility based on the controlling and supporting elements of a person’s nature. The tables and equations associated with 9 Star Ki are known to be difficult to understand. But, this is the place to learn from an expert n the field.

Denny Waxman is the teacher of this course. He was a student of Michio Kushi himself for many years and developed an understanding that is deeper than most macrobiotic teachers.

For more information on utilizing 9 Star Ki to enhance your understanding, please join us in a course today!