Introductory Macrobiotics Course

Introductory Macrobiotics Course
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This unique online course covers a high-level, comprehensive introduction to the Strengthening Health Institute’s approach to macrobiotics. Primary instructor Denny Waxman and leading macrobiotic chef Susan Waxman guide students through their development of an understanding of basic macrobiotic principles from start to finish in a series of video lectures on personal macrobiotic life implementation and a detailed, step-by-step macrobiotic cooking class.

The course is only 1 unit. The unit is sub-divided into specific “lessons” that unfold sequentially as the course develops. Key concepts are raised and re-visited as they become relevant during the course, while Denny and Susan discuss, cook, and talk through the information in real time.

An introduction to macrobiotic practice that teaches individuals how to prioritize key points in their lives. This course includes basic cooking lessons and lifestyle recommendations.

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Introduction to Macrobiotics

Length: 55 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

The Strengthening Health approach to a macrobiotic practice, based on adding not taking away. It enables you to go at your own pace and to integrate into your present lifestyle. You’ll discover three things that you can do to change your life and create a framework to add other health-supporting practices.

Body Rub

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

The body rub is a simple life changing health practice that will renew and refresh your skin and clear and refresh your mind as well. It literally winds back your biological clock.

Summer Cooking Class

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

This class is an introduction to a healthier way of cooking and eating. Based on traditional foods from around the world we begin to explore the connection and influence food has on our overall energy. A complete meal is demonstrated from start to finish using grains, beans, vegetables and miso soup Denny and Susan style.The finale includes a simple dessert that everyone will enjoy. Our hope is for you to “Discover” that healthy food can also be delicious.

Traditional vs. Modern Diet

Length: 44 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

This is a lesson on how far we have gotten away from a healthful way of eating with the modern diet. All the world’s longest standing traditional diets provided a full range of prebiotics (fiber) and probiotics needed to create physical, emotional and mental health. Our macrobiotic way of eating is the most traditional and progressive way of eating and has stood the test of time based on scientific research.

Do-In (Self-Massage)

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

A concise and effective healthful exercise routine that is a perfect compliment to healthy lifestyle practices. Do-in pre-dates yoga and has been traditionally practiced in Japan, China, Korea and India for thousands of years.

Making the Macrobiotic Transition

Length: 39 minutesAuthor: Denny Waxman

This covers the importance of adding before taking away foods and how to be effective and safe. You’ll learn how to help those around you in enjoying a healthier way of life, as well as the benefits of a macrobiotic practice both socially and environmentally. Also, learn why indigenous foods are more important than just what’s local and other key points for making healthy food choices.