Date: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Time: 4pm to 5pm EST

Price: $10 (min) — $45 (recommended)

Coronavirus – Keeping Safe

With the Coronavirus continuing to make international news headlines daily, SHI Macrobiotics founder, Denny Waxman expands upon the first discussion with specific topics requested by viewers and a deeper dive into staying healthy and pro-active during this time of difficulty. This course is a followup to the original webinar held on March 14, 2020 at 4PM EST and includes a second video recording from the live discussion about the coronavirus (this one held on April 4, 2020) & includes a new handout that tackles the following topics:

  • What is macrobiotic practice?
  • Why is it important to practice macrobiotics?
  • How does macrobiotics relate to epigenetics?
  • Is a strict, 100% macrobiotic practice required to see benefits?
  • How much time does macrobiotics take to affect our blood?
  • How much in advance to start practicing macrobiotics for specific needs?
  • Eating habits overview
  • Diet & food variety overview
  • Healthy activity overview
  • Home environment overview
  • Resources for further learning

Additionally, the course includes online access to the following videos:

  • The Body Rub
  • Practicing Do-In
  • Webinar recording available after event
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