Donations on Behalf of Denny Waxman

With about 50 years of experience, Denny Waxman was one of the nation’s leading macrobiotic counselors, speakers and teachers. Credited with changing the food narrative in the U.S. from diets dependent upon animal and dairy to healthy whole foods and plant-based alternatives, Denny also worked to train the next generation of macrobiotic teachers.

He was the author of several notable books including The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity: The macrobiotic way to live a long, healthy, and happy life, which he co-wrote with his wife Susan. He was founder of Philadelphia’s first health store, Essene Market, and recipient of the Aveline Kushi International Award for his dedicated service to macrobiotics.

Most importantly, Denny has helped thousands of people to improve the quality of their lives through macrobiotic diet and lifestyle practice.

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