Price: varies based on individual classes. Bundle price is $90.

Navigating the Winter: A Journey to Well-Being

Embark on a transformative winter journey with our January class bundle, designed to enhance your well-being and embrace the season’s magic. Learn to navigate winter, stay warm, activate circulation, and nourish your kidneys with delicious macrobiotic recipes. Our expert instructors will also share lifestyle hacks to seamlessly integrate winter wellness into your daily routine. Join us and discover the perfect blend of knowledge, flavor, and vitality for a truly enriching winter experience.

Price: varies based on individual classes below. *Bundle price is $90.

Class #1:
Seasonal Sourcing: Selecting Quality Foods for Winter Vitality (Lecture)
Date: Saturday, January 27th @ 11 AM EST
Price: $20
Join our class for insights on choosing the best foods to thrive in the cold months. Discover tips on sourcing foods not readily available, selecting quality vegetables and fruits for vitality, and embracing the best things in a colder climate. Empower yourself with winter wellness knowledge for a vibrant and resilient season!
Class #2:
Nourishing Winter’s Energy (Cooking Class)
Date: Monday, January 29th @ 5:30 PM EST 
Price: $35
Unlock the secrets of balance and vitality in our cooking class. Learn to nourish your kidneys during winter, exploring the connection between aging and balance maintenance. Dive into crafting cozy winter stews with warming vegetables, beans, or lentils. Join us for a delicious journey to holistic well-being!
Class #3:
Holistic Habits for Vitality (Lecture & Movement)
Date: Saturday, February 3rd @ 11 AM EST 
Price: $20
Join our transformative class where we explore powerful practices like the Body Rub, mindful chewing, outdoor walks, heart-boosting exercises , and more. Cultivate a holistic approach to daily living and unlock the keys to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with us.
Class #4:
Winter Rescue: Holistic Home Remedies
Date: Monday, February 5th @ 5:30 PM EST
Price: $35
Explore the art of balancing well-being through the seasons in our Macrobiotic Home Remedies Class. From alleviating winter blues to embracing the vibrancy of spring, discover healing with remedies like sweet vegetable drinks and dried daikon tea. Join us for a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness, offering tools to create harmony and vitality at home.
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