Macro On the Go! Macrobiotic Intensive

For more than 20 years, thousands of students from varying levels of interest have taken part in the SHI Intensive learning experience. Macrobiotic practice is a unique, time-tested, plant-based diet and lifestyle approach that has helped many thousands worldwide transform their health and life. The Macro On the Go! Macrobiotic Intensive makes the Strengthening Health Approach to Macrobiotic Practice available to people everywhere and at personal convenience.

The SHI Approach to Macrobiotic Practice is flexible and easily adapts to individual lifestyles and dietary habits. Based on latest insights and discoveries in cooking and practice of Denny and Susan Waxman, the Intensive offers practical, evolving, and invaluable insight to integrate plant-abundant cooking and eating habits that stick with individuals for the rest of their lives.

For counseling clients of Denny Waxman or others, the Intensive is an essential tool for maximizing the effectiveness of counseling recommendations. The Intensive is designed for complete beginners and counseling clients. Furthermore, it is also ideal for past clients and experienced practitioners to refresh, modernize, and revitalize their current practice for renewed benefit.

Macro on the Go! Macrobiotic Intensive covers:
-introduction to yin and yang
-philosophical understanding that guides the practice
-understanding the digestive process and sources of all nutrients
-mindful and orderly eating
-cooking techniques
-essential dishes for maintaining or recovering health and vitality
-introduction to international macrobiotic cooking styles, ingredients, and techniques
-kitchen set up and organization
-daily self-diagnosis
-turning sickness into health

The goal of the Intensive is to be a quick, efficient, and effective way for students to start immediately with the SHI Approach to Macrobiotic Practice. This approach, based on adding, allows students to combine, integrate, and maximize the benefits of all plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian cooking approaches and lifestyles.

Program Highlights

Online Lectures Include:

  • Conditions of Health
  • Macrobiotic Principles
  • The 7 Steps to a Great Life
  • The Essence of a Great Life
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

On-site Seminar Includes:

Program Costs

“An essential step to get the most out of a macrobiotic counseling session from Denny Waxman or other qualified macrobiotic counselors.”


Includes course materials and over 20 hours of prerecorded streaming videos, including online cooking demonstrations.


Includes detailed macrobiotic lectures with cooking demonstrations & complete macrobiotic meals made fresh each day!

This is a prerequisite for the Master Your Health certification course.

Upcoming On-Site Dates:

Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20

Detailed Schedule Times TBD.

Accommodations are not included, but we will be happy to assist you in finding lodging.

Call about our flexible payment plans & group / family discount availability.