Your toolbox for transformation to the next level!

What the world needs now is YOU – at your healthiest and most vibrant. Let us help you get there with The Macro Life Mentorship Program!

Our newest program picks up where the Master Your Health (MYH) program leaves off – by helping students take their health and their lives to the NEXT level. The tools of macrobiotic practice and philosophy empower you to transform both your life and the world around you.

This program will help you expand your self-awareness and self-development beyond your physical health. In this highly interactive and transformative program, you will receive mentoring directly from Denny and Susan Waxman. The mentorship program features all-new content derived from 60+ years of combined experience!

Facial Diagnosis


Program Highlights

The Macro Life Mentorship Includes:

  • 12 monthly in-person meetings & tele-seminars including all-new content
  • Group mentoring with Denny & Susan Waxman
  • Hands-on food awareness & cooking demonstration classes
  • In-depth teachings on diagnosis and philosophy
  • Room to grow in a dynamic learning environment where students of all levels practice and support each other together
  • Development and refinement of Qi sensitivity, generation and direction
  • Guidance to reach your specific goals, showcase your gifts to your community & connect you to your higher purpose

Program Requirements



  • $6,495 paid in full
  • Monthly payments are available after $1,000 deposit
  • Please call or email for details

Are you ready to transform your health, your life and your community?


This course is more student-driven than ANY course we have ever offered, with a select group of under 20 participants and a more intimate setting.  If you are interested in both self-development and world change, THIS is the program for you!

**Additionally, if your dream is to help others strengthen their health, this program is a pre-requisite for the third year certificate in counseling and private cooking programs.

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