Secrets to Anti-Aging

From an anti-aging blog post by Denny Waxman, featured in our latest newsletter.

First of all, in macrobiotics we approach aging with the attitude that we have the ability to grow and create our health through all stages of our lives.  As a result, when we begin to age we can still get better at creating our own life story.  Probably the most overlooked thing we notice in aging clients and students is the understanding of healthy aging benefits.

Anti-aging Benefits

While most people understand that the body begins to change with age, many can’t determine healthy aging. As a result, true healthy aging is often overlooked. Consequently, we may lose focus on our thinking ability, mental clarity, and memory. Aging is something that we can look forward to and enjoy. Almost everyone we have worked with enhances mental and physical capacity and become more internally powerful.

Since Western medicine often focuses on treating symptoms and not actions that lead to symptoms, this may sound new. Most noteworthy are the following keys to anti-aging: good nutrition, good digestion, and good circulation. These things enhance our ability to continually clean, refresh, and renew ourselves. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how to apply these principles to your own life.

Also, you can read the full blog post here.