Macro On The Go! Master Your Health

The 5-day on-site programs can be taken separately!


The testimonials here have all been given by people who worked directly with Denny and the Strengthening Health Institute. Whether they were battling a serious illness, focused on preventative health, or simply wanted to connect with their deeper purpose in life, all of our students come away with a refreshing perspective that helps guide oneself to personal and planetary health and freedom.

During the MYH Program, leaving no stone unturned, students are guided through the understanding that plant-abundant practice is all about combining and customizing diet and lifestyle practices in accordance with universal principles of order and seasonal alignment. No matter one’s current condition, this educational offering leads one to harmony, balance, flexibility, health and freedom.

Alumni Testimonials

“I would unreservedly recommend Denny as a counselor for many health conditions. Particularly in this area of fertility and child birth.”

JennieFertility Testimonial

“In all honesty, if I didn’t have Denny… I wouldn’t be here today!”

VickiCancer Testimonial

“Some of the simple suggestions that he makes can make such a big difference in your life.”

JesseEnergy Testimonial

“After miraculously conceiving my first child at 44… 6 years later I was able to conceive a 2nd child.”

NancyFertility Testimonial

“His counseling was very grounding. It was a wonderful foundation like joint counseling that really enabled our relationship.”

SusanHealth Testimonial

Master Your Health Program has many unique offerings and options for students to join the course. MYH is designed in its fullness to be a year long immersive course, with two-weeks of on-site education at the Strengthening Health Institute.

Taught by world-renowned teachers & counselors Denny & Susan Waxman, along with the esteemed faculty of SHI, students receive the benefits of over 6 decades of experience in all areas of macrobiotic practice and teaching packed into one comprehensive program. Students can expect to leave the program with a richly detailed foundation of understanding and application that surpasses in comprehensive richness all current offerings in plant-based cooking and lifestyle practices.

The MYH takes previous concepts and principles covered in the Macro-On-The-Go Intensive and the Core programs and practically and deeply applies them to all aspects of modern life and health. Upon finishing the MYH, students who choose the entire program (both online and on-site) receive certification for guiding others to health with non-life threatening illnesses in the macrobiotic tradition.

The 11 On-Line Modules of the MYH includes:

The On-Site Education at the Strengthening Health Institute includes:


You can register for modules all throughout the year (NOT just January 1st!)

Options of Offerings

You can join our exciting group of students from around the globe during the bi-annual, on-site intensive, for one monthly module, or for the offerings throughout the whole year! For students who already completed the Macro On The Go Core program, students can begin the MYH Program at module 4 with price deduction for the first three modules. Whatever your circumstances, becoming a student in the MYH has many customizable options to learn the SHI Approach to Macrobiotic Practice.



Macro On the Go! Master Your Health features 11 month-long ONLINE pre-recorded video modules.

Watch lectures, cooking and massage demonstrations AND MORE in the comfort of your own home! Follow along, take notes and join us for monthly conference calls to discuss what you’ve learned.

The Macro On the Go! Master Your Health macrobiotic certification program features 11 topic-themed modules to deepen your understanding of:

  • Macrobiotic Philosophy and Theory
  • Healthy & Delicious Cooking
  • Oriental Diagnosis & Health Care
  • Shiatsu Massage & Mindful Lifestyle Practices


Macro On the Go! Master Your Health features 2 ON-SITE trainings: June and November!

Take it a step further by participating in our two hands-on sessions in June and November. The on-site courses are required for the Strengthening Health Institute MYH training certification.

These 10 days feature the art of diagnosis, shiatsu, do-in, macrobiotic remedies and cooking techniques, plus delicious meals!  Join us in Philadelphia to meet and practice with other members of our great macrobiotic community, to further your understanding and become certified to guide the health of others with non-life-threatening illnesses.

What to Expect

Upcoming Sessions:

Deepen your practice, enhance your career or start your path to feeling great, looking vibrant and experiencing greater mental clarity! We show you how in our comprehensive year-long Master Your Health (MYH) macrobiotic certification program.

Taught by world-renowned teachers & counselors Denny & Susan Waxman along with the esteemed faculty of SHI, you get the benefits of over 6 decades of experience in all areas of macrobiotic practice and teaching packed into one comprehensive program!

Can’t take the whole program? Choose from any of the 11 modules that interest you, available any time ONLINE!

Master Your Health ON-SITE Session 1

APR 25-29, 2018

1940 S. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

Advanced cooking, diagnosis, shiatsu, do-in and more! Part of our year-long Master Your Health certification program, and perfect for refreshing and refining your macrobiotic lifestyle!

Master Your Health ON-SITE Session 2

OCT 17-21, 2018

1940 S. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

Advanced cooking, diagnosis, shiatsu, do-in and more! Part of our year-long Master Your Health certification program, and perfect for refreshing and refining your macrobiotic lifestyle!

Program Costs


Each individual module offers something different. Each module comes with its own course materials and many hours of prerecorded streaming videos, including online cooking demonstrations. The modules are as follows:

  1. Towards a New View of Health – $495
  2. The Body Map & Five Transformations – $325
  3. The Foundation of Health – $325
  4. Blood Quality & Vitality – $350
  5. Blood Quality & Immunity – $350
  6. Principles of Diagnosis – $395
  7. Power of Foods – $325
  8. Heart, Circulatory System & Emotional Health – $325
  9. Family & Reproductive Health – $395
  10. The Mind – $325
  11. Final Exam & Review – Included (Only for Full Macrobiotics Certification Participants)


The full Master Your Health program is designed to be taken over the course of one year and will leave you walking away from the program as an expert in the field. There are 11 modules included in the program and are additional monthly web conferences with the entire group of students.

In total, there is more than 132 hours of online lectures, exercise guidance, and cooking instruction. Includes a complete macrobiotic training from the philosophy and related fields, to practical living, diagnosis and cooking with demonstrations.

Both On-Site sessions are required in order to get the full online certification. They are included as part of the year-long program. However, they can also purchased individually even if you cannot take the entire program.


Includes a deep-dive into self-diagnosis and diagnosis of others. This is a very important course for those that want to get involved with the counseling of other people. There is a large food prep, meal planning, and cooking demonstration component to the course as well. These are the most in depth courses that we offer on-site outside of the macro-life mentorship and one-on-one counseling.

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