What is macrobiotics? A follow up article on the macrobiotic definition posted by Denny Waxman. The purpose and conversations behind a universal understanding of macrobiotic practice.

Macrobiotics is a plant-based diet and lifestyle that is founded in helping people improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. This diet includes simple, easy habits and practices that are less restrictive than current, fad diets.

There are three categories for vegetables – leafy, round and root. Let’s take a look at each and our favorites to eat.

Tofu is a staple food in the macrobiotic diet as it is an ingredient in miso soup and other main dishes. So let’s discuss if tofu is good for you or not.

Many people claim to feel less bloated and lighter and even have lost some weight by abandoning gluten. However, if you are wishing to adopt a macrobiotic diet, can you remain gluten-free? Let’s find out!

Because of COVID-19, many people find that they have more opportunity to cook healthy meals at home. Therefore, it’s essential to have a diet plan that is enjoyable, satisfying and fulfills your nutrition needs.

Our guide is presented in easy to follow steps that you can take at your own pace to achieve your ultimate goal of transitioning to a healthy vegan macrobiotic diet.

So how does one start a plant-based diet? What foods should you be eating? Is there a plant-based diet for beginners? Yes, it is called macrobiotics. Macrobiotics comprises an easy to follow plant-based diet and simple eating and lifestyle practices.

The macrobiotic diet has a long history, which has since adapted to be less restrictive and more mindfulness-based. Several people wonder, “what are the side effects of the macrobiotic diet?” At SHI, these worries must be addressed.

It is important to understand that a transition to a macrobiotic plant-based diet takes time. We encourage clients to start simple. So here are some easy macrobiotic breakfast options.

Coronavirus is impacting our mental health. Here are 8 diet and lifestyle tips to help you stay happy and healthy.

With articles coming out about the unknowns of coronavirus. It can seem that we are helpless in fighting it. However, we all have the ability to boost our immune system to maintain good health.

Not only is sesame seeds delicious but they have amazing health benefits. Let’s take a look on how you can include sesame seeds in your macrobiotic diet!

According to their website, The Golo Diet, which stands for “go lose weight, go look great, go love life”, was developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists. What is the Golo Diet and is it healthy?

The DASH diet is an approach to healthy heating that is focused on helping people reduce high blood pressure. So is the DASH diet the best approach to lowering blood pressure? Let’s find out!

Susan Waxman has dedicated herself to helping clients feel better and teaching students how to cook healthy meals. Try her amazing sweet vegetable and millet recipe. Enjoy! 

We forget the value of taking a healthy vacation. Time away allows us to take care of ourselves and recharge. It is great for our physical, mental and spiritual health.

This macrobiotic salad is a great dish to add your meal. A salad is meant to accompany the rest of the meal in a way that brings excitement to the dish.

Eating before bed is a highly debated topic among the health community. So is it bad to eat before bed? Let’s find out and finally put this topic to bed.

The world around us is constantly changing, balancing and harmonizing. In macrobiotics, this is represented by yin and yang. Yin and yang is a way of seeing life by recognizing everything is either one or the other.

My goal as a macrobiotic teacher is to inspire my students to cook at home. So here are 7 simple tips on how to make macrobiotic cooking fun and painless!

When searching for macrobiotics, you may have come upon articles on the macro diet. The macro diet is NOT macrobiotics. This diet is actually very different.

The health and condition of each organ and organ system appears on the face. For that reason, learning how to evaluate and recognize facial symptoms, can help you become aware of underlying health issues.

Grocery shopping on a macrobiotic diet doesn’t have to be difficult! By creating a meal plan, a list of dishes that will be made each day, you can easily build a macrobiotic shopping list.

Finding a macrobiotic restaurant or place to have a macrobiotic meal can still feel challenging. But it doesn’t have to be!

A macrobiotic dinner does not have to be complicated. Here are the tips to get dinner on the table.

Strong health means a strong gut. The gut is central to the strength of the immune system, mental sharpness, and ability to synthesize and absorb nutrients.

If you are looking for a vegan burrito recipe––here you go! Check out this delicious and satisfying recipe for a macrobiotic burrito by Susan Waxman.

The large intestine fights off sickness, keeps lungs healthy, and helps us stay mentally strong. Learn how to get the strong health you have always wanted!

By learning how to strengthen our chakras, we become more connected to ourselves.

Eastern medicine practices are often misunderstood and scrutinized by modern science. However, when shiatsu meridians, an eastern concept, are applied to a massage, it can improve your health, treat illness, and create healing.

This is a beneficial bancha tea recipe with use of the umeboshi plum or plums comes from the macrobiotic cooking expert, Susan Waxman.

Zen Macrobiotics by George Ohsawa is the one of the founding texts on modern macrobiotics.

What is in your salt? Salt should be evaluated on what type of salt is used, refined salt or unrefined sea salt, and when salt is added to food. This will determine if the salt will be harmful or beneficial to the body.

The following is a nishime recipe that is light and refreshing for the start of warm weather. Prepared by Susan Waxman, acclaimed chef and macrobiotics expert at the SHI Macrobiotics.